Sniper Elite 3 [Repack] 8GB

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Sniper Elite 3 [Repack]

System Requirements
Windows Vista/7/8
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
RAM : 2 Gb
HDD : 18 Gb
Graphics Card : 512 Mb
DirectX Compatible Sound Card
DirectX Version 11

Video Preview

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  1. Brother, thanks for reply in the other thread. I want to know what these things actually mean : 'Repack', 'RELOADED', 'FLT', 'Codex', 'BlackBox Repack', etc.
    Sorry for bothering.

    1. in Repack some languages except English are removed to reduce the size of the game but installation take some time. AND FLT, Reloaded, Codex,BlackBox they are scene Release Groups they upload games and other torrents Thanx:)

  2. Hello dear bro, I have 2 questions in mind. One is related to Sniper Elite : Nazi Zombie Army & the other one is actually 'off-topic'.
    [1]My 1st ques. is about SE:NZA. I downloaded the 'KaOs' RePack of this game. But, the game has 'NO SOUND'. I have installed the game correctly. Dunno why it has no sound. :( Do u have any idea why is that & how to fix it ?
    [2] This is related to I want some files from that site [small files, including .txt files]. But even if I complete there surveys, etc. I can't download the files. So, I thought may be u can help me retrieve/download those files.
    Waiting for ur response.
    Thanks for ur precious time & help. :)

    1. Install Latest DirectX and reinstall the game.

      Survey sites are fake even when you complete the survey u cant download this file.

  3. I DLed the KaOs Repack because its small in size but same problem it has no sound. How to fix it ? Already tried the above method.


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