EA Cricket 07 Jukebox Maker

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EA Cricket 07 Jukebox Maker

Most of the people wanted to add their OWN music in EA SPORT CRICKET 07.
Now its easy to make your own jukebox music only with JUKEBOX MAKER.

How To Use Jukebox Maker
Step 1 : Initial Steps

Open The Jukebox Maker

It will ask you to locate the Cricket 07 Root directory.

After selecting the correct root directory. It will delete the xml file.

By default, the tool will select the music.big file in the audio directory.
You may change if you want by pressing on change.

Step 2 : Setting Things Up

Copy the music.big included and overwrite the file to which you want to import.

Set total no. of songs you wish to have.

Now, for every song you wish to change,

-Change The Current Song No. For example, for the first song, choose 1
-Give the Location of the File In The Location Tab, by pressing on Locate.
Title Tab->Set The Title
The Artist Tab->Set The Artist, in
The Album Tab->Set The Album, in
-Press the "Save Attributes" button.

Step 3 : Finishing Things

Hit On "Build Jukebox".

The tool will automatically convert the files to asf file format and then into a ditty.
Then import those files in the big file.
And Finally write the xml file.


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