Windows 7-32Bits ULTIMATE Alienware 2010

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Windows 7-32Bits ULTIMATE Alienware 2010

NOTE: Start a fresh installation from the BIOS and install it on a separate partition. 
Format selected for installation before proceeding the other steps disk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your computer MUST be in network during installation (ie What you must be under internet connection during installation)
to install updates. 

Open "WINDOWS 7 ACTIVATION" folder, and decompress RAR archive.

Select "Enable eXe vy vickdu31 From Windows 7 (online)." File and run it.

A window will open: Click "Apply" (Aplliquer).

Wait for the confirmation message: The PC will restart automatically.

Following the reboot, and once on the desktop, go to "Control Panel", "System" and you will see: 

"Windows is acive"
"Product ID: 00 *** - *** - ******* - *****"


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